Monday, 8 October 2012

Ultimate Losers Blog

Beyond The Challenge

I enjoyed my blogging so much during the Coder Challenge that I have decided to continue posting. Just so my readership know, I totally failed to win the Ultimate Coder challenge. It was a hard fought thing, and in the end all the technology coding in the world does not mean a thing if in doing so I fail to deliver a compelling app experience. Lesson learned (I hope)!

Here's Mud In Your Eye!

I've decided to keep the Ultimate Coder Blog, not in reference to myself, which is clearly no longer the case, but in reference to you guys, who are all ultimate coders in your own right.  If ever I get big in my boots and start talking like some uber-coder, just remind me about Blog Seven and we'll say no more about it ;)

Another Ultrabook Competition

If you're astute coder with some free time, there will always be a competition for you to join. It just so happens the next one that caught my eye also centres around those incredible Ultrabooks:

Fortunately, you don't have to be overly ultimate to enter this one, and there are considerably more prizes up for grabs. I would act soon though as the deadline for the first round ends this month.

The great news is that most of the apps are for 'Desktop Apps' rather than 'Metro-style Windows Store Apps', and the destination of your app is the App Up Store run by Intel and their partners.  This is great because you can use existing tools to quickly produce your apps and get them running great on the Ultrabook!

We have just released the AGK V108 beta which includes all the commands implemented for my Ultrabook app, all empty but documented!  In the next month I will be adding some basic support for some of the Ultrabook sensors through the 'Desktop Mode' (which means Win32 with knobs on) which means your AGK apps can tap into some of the cool features of the Ultrabook.

This should give you a considerable jump on your competitors and allow you to focus on your app content rather than the 'how-to' of the technology. Be aware though that although the deadline for round 1 is the 24th October the sooner you submit your article for consideration, the sooner you will be picked to receive a free Ultrabook to code up your app so get cracking right now!

Freedom Has A Voice

In Freedom-Engine news, we've put extra man hours into the forums from now on to make sure AGK and FE users are catered for who have questions about this new technology. In fact, almost every team member will be trampling through the posts and making comments almost every day, so if you want some good advice on all things cross-platform, look no further:

We've also done some nifty additions to the HTML5 deployment feature so you can post a permanent version of your app on our server to show your friends and end users, even with the free account!

Thanks For Reading

Thanks for reading and I hope to post something else in a week or so.  For those in a competitive mood, good luck and happy coding!

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