Sunday, 30 December 2012

Final Blog of 2012

My Final Blog

That's it guys and gals, my final blog (for 2012 that is) and scheduled to return after the new years annual 'drink myself into oblivion' party in Wigan. I have spend the day attempting to clear my Christmas email backlog and sort out my explosion (affectionately called my office) ready for 2013.

What 2013 Brings

My schedule for 2013 has been deliberatively cleared for what will be a nice BIG project; FPS Creator Reloaded. I will be developing it solo for the next eight months, with perhaps some help from FPSC friends along the way. My ambitions are high for this one, and will be locking myself away in the deepest part of the dungeon to do my coding. My only contact with the outside world will be this blog (and the other thousand social feeds of course), but here is where I will write down my thoughts.

I will also be keeping a toe in the AGK/Freedom-Engine camp to ensure it goes in the direction I think it should go. This project will be headed by our resident genius Paul, who is more than capable of handling the various aspects of this awesome and gigantic engine.

Apart from a few small AGK app projects and the occasional competition, these are my babies for 2013.  My aim is to have a product that will shock the FPSC world (in a good way) and see that TGC emerges with a super-solid-super-powerful AGK/FE technology for Christmas 2013.

FPS Creator Reloaded Blog

This blog will be the home of my 'almost' year long development diary for Reloaded, much like the diaries I maintained ten years ago before before the word 'blog' even existed :)  

Along the way I will inject some non-FPSCR content to keep things fresh, and open the door to the kinds of interesting things that can distract me in a typical year.

Happy New Year

If I survive all the beer, I will see you all in 2013!